Ryan Speakers

At $15,995/pair, the Tempus III is the top-of-the-line from Ryan Speakers. Their speakers have impressed me before as offering high quality for the price, but perhaps not world-beaters. The Tempus III is different. It uses proprietary drivers, including a new beryllium-dome tweeter, two side-firing woofers, and a midbass that covers the range from 100Hz to 350Hz. The bass extends to 25Hz, –3dB. While I prefer to avoid making pronouncements based on limited listening at a show—it seems to me that with the Tempus III Ryan Speakers (heard in a system with Arunder music server, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, Constellation Audio electronics) have moved into the big league, and are competitive with offerings from the most highly-regarded manufacturers.

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Beautiful pic! RD.
I wish I were into side-firing woofers.