Rogue Audio Sphinx

At $1295, Rogue Audio’s latest hybrid integrated amplifier is also the company’s most affordable amplifier. Don’t you love that? I do. The Sphinx is rated to deliver 100Wpc into 8 ohms; looks tough; has a phono stage, headphone amp, and an optional remote; and is handmade in Pennsylvania, USA.

Why would Rogue want to introduce a new entry-level integrated amplifier when the company’s $2295 Cronus has been such a success? Rogue’s Mark O’Brien says he hopes the Sphinx will bring his company’s sound to even more people. Besides, he says, it’s not only more challenging to design on a tight budget, it’s also more fun.

More fun for me, too.

From what I could tell, the Sphinx had no problem driving the big EgglestonWorks Model Nine Signature ($18,000/pair). Leonard Cohen's voice was honest and compelling.

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Definitely feeling that. The 1K-ish integrated amp market is fun. Putting this on my to-check-out list.

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Stephen, do you have any more techincal info on the Sphinx? Specs including size, color avail (I assume silver and black), etc? I was on RA's site and there isn't much actual detail (yet) besides being a hybird and having 100w/ch as you also state here.

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As far as finishes go, I think you're correct: black and silver. I don't have any other technical info, yet, but Mark O'Brien says he'll have everything posted to his site by next week.

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My wife and I were in Brodheadsville, PA to have our Rogue amp serviced by Mark, Nick and company the week before CES and we saw this little Sphinx amp in person. It looked terrific (the black face version we saw looked just as good), has a cool tube pre-amp section, and the guys behind it are super-nice. They did right by us concerning the amp we were having serviced, btw. So don't hestitate to check this out when it comes to market. I'm sure it will sound great, and there's a good group of people behind it. 

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Very nice indeed. Hope it sports the newer faceplate look.