Roger's Lookers

Rogers High Fidelity's New York-manufactured, aerospace engineering-based system, which included the just-launched PA-1A six-tube phono preamplifier ($7100) (pictured on the right) and EHF-200MK2 KT150-based, 112Wpc integrated amplifier ($15,000), delivered extremely quiet, beautifully warm and lovely sound with Shunyata power conditioning, Kimber Kable, and Davone Grande loudspeakers. The two Rogers pieces also looked fabulous. The PA-1A offers selectable inputs for either MM or MC cartridges, selectable loading, dual mono signal meters for monitoring stylus tracking imbalances, and a mute switch that allows for adjustments without the need to change volume settings or put the unit in standby. The EHF-200MK2 can be played in either triode or ultralinear modes; as is often the case, I preferred ultralinear. Both products offer lifetime transferable warranty.