Rocking It with the September Stereophile

For its PerfectWave DirectStream D/A processor, featured on our September issue's cover, PS Audio took a different approach. Rather than using the usual off-the-shelf parts, designer Ted Smith used Field-Programmable Gate Array chips (FPGAs) to process DSD data without compromising the integrity of the music. Art Dudley takes the new DAC out for a test drive and returned impressed by what he heard. This issue also sees the indefatigable Mr. D. enthusing about 47 Laboratory's Model 4730 Midnight Blue FM tuner—which uses a dial! A dial!

The September Stereophile kicks off with Jason Serinus comparing concert halls, while Michael Lavorgna has seen the future of streaming, with lossless CD-quality music available from Qobuz; Michael Fremer auditions cost-no-object phono preamps; Sam Tellig raves about Spendor's new D7 tower speaker; and affordable high-performance loudspeakers from KEF, Revel, and Triangle get the in-depth review treatment. Add Robert Baird's feature article on jazz great Louis Armstrong and you have one heck of a great read!

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Will be the less than flattering appearing Measurements regarding the PS Audio DAC.

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A review of an analog tuner with a dial. As someone who listens to FM radio a lot and has 4 tuners; Kremlin, Pekin, 504 and XDR-F1HD reading a review of an analogue tuner and mentioning some of the great stations around the NYC area was a breath of fresh air after so many endless DAC reviews the last few years. Don't get me wrong love DAC's but a tuner with a dial is something special to read about.