Revel Ultima Rhythm2 powered subwoofer Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Powered subwoofer in aperiodic enclosure. Drive-unit: 18", forward-firing aluminum cone with dual 4"-diameter voice coils, neodymium magnets, and cast frame. V-Max: 1.7". Rear-panel inputs: R & L, balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA), USB, 12V trigger. Rear-panel outputs: high-pass output (XLR & RCA), 12V trigger. Rear-panel controls: Gain, Power Mode (Auto/On/Trigger). Low- and high-pass filters: adjustable, 50–100Hz, in 1Hz steps. Slopes: first, second, fourth, or eighth-order Butterworth; fourth- or eighth-order Linkwitz-Riley, user-programmable with Revel software. True digital delay up to 631msec (217"). Built-in parametric equalizer: 10-band, fully configurable. Frequency response: 18–100Hz, ±3dB. Peak acoustic output: 115dB, 105dB SPL at 30Hz at 1m at <1% THD. Amplifiers: two, class-D, total 2000W RMS (4000W peak). Input sensitivity/impedance: 400mV (full power)/20k ohms (balanced), 14k ohms (unbalanced). Signal/noise: >100dB. Setup: personal computer via USB. Accessories: power cord, speaker grille, quick-start guide. Setup software (downloadable from Revel website): Revel Low-Frequency Optimizer (LFO) v.1.5, Revel LFO Pink Noise Test Tone file, target frequency-response curves.
Dimensions: 27.9" (709mm) W by 24.6" (625mm) H by 27.9" (714mm) D. Weight: 196 lbs (89kg).
Finishes: High-Gloss Black, Mahogany Veneer.
Serial number of unit reviewed: C1297-00063.
Price: $10,000. Approximate number of dealers: 185. Warranty: 5 years, parts & labor, fully transferable.
Manufacturer: Revel, Harman International Industries, 8500 Balboa Drive, Northridge, CA 91329. Tel: (888) 692-4171, (516) 584-0300. Web:

8500 Balboa Drive
Northridge, CA 91329
(888) 692-4171