Rega Apollo CD player Sam Tellig, March 2007

Sam Tellig wrote about the Rega Apollo in March 2007 (Vol.30 No.3):

Artie Dudley reviewed this CD-rotating apparatus (CD-only players have become nearly as obsolete as turntables) last June and went bananas over it. Quite rightly so, Mr. Dudley.

Now, $995 might seem a lot of money for a CD player to pair up with a $645 integrated amp, such as Rega's Brio 3 (footnote 1). But Rega doesn't make a less expensive CD player. Besides, Rega believes that it's always better to put as much money as possible into your source components: your CD player or turntable, and preferably both. Rega is still more fondly attached to vinyl.

Like the Brio 3, the Apollo has limitations when compared with some much more expensive players. As Roy Gandy told me, "With the given technology, we had to build it as inexpensively as possible." And that wasn't to rip you off; it's reality. In fact, the Rega Apollo offers far more value, in sound-quality terms, than anything else I've heard at or near the price. There seems to be unanimity among critics about this: the Rega Apollo is a $1000 category-killer.—Sam Tellig

Footnote 1: Wes Phillips reviewed the original Rega Brio in September 1998 (Vol.21 No.9).—Ed.
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