PrimaLuna ProLogue Three tube preamplifier & Seven monoblock amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: PS Audio Lambda II CD transport, Perpetual Technologies/ModWright P-1A/P-3A digital processors, Monolithic Sound P3 power supply.
Preamplifier: Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Ultimate.
Power Amplifier: Audiopax Model Eighty Eight Mk.II monoblocks.
Loudspeakers: Avantgarde Acoustic Uno 3.0, Silverline Audio Prelude, Fujitsu Eclipse TD-712z.
Cables: Digital: Mystic Reference I2S, Illuminati Orchid AES/EBU. Interconnect: Nordost Quattro Fils & Valhalla, AudioQuest Sky, PS Audio xStream Statement. Speaker: Nordost Valhalla. AC: PS Audio xStream Power, Shunyata Research Taipan, TARA Labs Decade.
Accessories: PS Audio P-500 AC regenerator; Bright Star Little Rock atop CD transport, Shakti stone atop Monolithic Sound P3 power supply; Arcici Suspense Rack, Vistek Aurios 1.2 MIB & Aurios Pro MIB component supports, PolyCrystal amplifier stands; Furutech RD-2 CD demagnetizer. Digital source and preamplifier were plugged into the regenerated-AC outlets of the P-500 (sinewave 60Hz), power amplifiers into the passive high-power Ultimate Outlets.—Robert Deutsch

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