Orson Wins a Benchmark!

Our sweepstakes for the Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter was one of our most popular contests yet receiving a total of 685 entries! You’re telling me that 637 more people wanted Benchmark’s new DAC than were begging for the Fela Kuti LP boxset? Stereophile.com members, your priorities are skewed.

Speaking of priorities, the first question Orson Cheong asked when he heard he won was, “What color?” You audiophiles are incorrigible. Regardless, based on Orson’s subtle smirk, he seems happy to be running his Sennheiser cans through this silver Benchmark DAC2 HGC. It matches your Macbook Pro perfectly.

Stay fresh Orson! Let’s hope the Clippers stay at the top of the Pacific Division.

labjr's picture

I figured it would be easier to unload the DAC on an unsuspecting buyer!

SET Man's picture


    He asked what color?  Dude! Is free take it or leave it. laugh Anyway, lucky him. I've never won any sweepstakes... sad isn't it?

Axiom05's picture

Would you please lend it to JA so he can do some measurements on it? I would love to see how this performs on the test bench. This one is on my list as a possible new DAC purchase.

MiLKMAN's picture

Congrats to Orson :)