NHT SuperTwo loudspeaker System, Setup, & Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: System, Setup, & Associated Equipment

Analog source: VPI TNT IV turntable, JMW 12" Memorial tonearm, Grado The Reference and Micro-Benz LO4 cartridges.
Digital sources: Wadia 830 and Marantz CD63SE CD players, Denon DVD-3000 DVD player.
Preamplification: Sonic Frontiers Phono-1 phono preamp, Sonic Frontiers Line 3 and Adcom GFP-750 line stages.
Power amplifiers: Mark Levinson No.20.6, VTL Ichiban, VAC Renaissance 70/70.
A/V receiver: Rotel RSX-965.
Loudspeakers: Thiel CS7.2 and CS2.3, Magnepan 1.6 Q/R, Castle Severn, Meadowlark Kestrel "Hot Rod."
Cables: Nirvana S-L and S-X, JPS Superconductor 2, Kimber Bi-Focal XL, Synergistic Research Designer's Reference, MIT 330 Shotgun and MH-750 Shotgun, Nordost Blue Heaven, Belkin Platinum Synapse.
Accessories: VPI 16.5, Decca Record Brush, Sumiko Fluxbuster, Dennessen alignment protractor, Shure stylus-force gauge, Immedia Needle Nektar and StyLAST stylus-cleaning fluids; Echo Busters room-treatment products; PAC Super IDOS, MIT Z-Systems, Nirvana AC isolation and AC delivery systems, Synergistic Research AC Master Couplers, Nordost ECO3 and Music Fidelity DiskSolution CD treatments; Sheffield/XLO Test and Burn-in CD, Stereophile Test CD 2 and Test CD 3, Mobile Fidelity Sound Check test CD; Bright Star isolation systems, Paul Barry equipment feet, Tiptoes; Bright Star, VPI, and Merrill equipment stands.—Brian Damkroger

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