NHT SuperTwo loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Three-way, reflex-loaded, floorstanding dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) fluid-cooled soft-dome tweeter, 6.5" (165mm) midrange/woofer, 6.5" (165mm) long-throw subwoofer with rear-firing port. Crossover frequencies/slopes: 120Hz, 12dB/octave; 2.2kHz, 12dB/octave high-pass, 6dB/octave low-pass. Frequency response: 35Hz-25kHz, ±3dB.. Phase response: not specified. Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/m. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (3.8 ohms minimum). Recommended power: 25-175W.
Dimensions: 39" (990mm) H by 7.25" (185mm) W by 10" (255mm) D. Weight: 39 lbs (86kg) each.
Finishes available: High-gloss black laminate.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 001002, 001003.
Price: $750/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 300. Warranty: 5 years, parts & labor.
Manufacturer: NHT Division of Recoton, 535 Getty Court, Benicia, CA 94510. Tel: (800) NHT-9993. Fax: (707) 747-1252. Web: www.nhthifi.com.

535 Getty Court
Benicia, CA 94510
(800) NHT-9993