The New Cube from Crystal

Crystal Cable's Gabi Rijnveld assured me that her years of ballet training had prepared her for prolonged kneeling while yours truly struggled to snap the optimal photo. The Dutch company introduced Crystal Cable's 10th Anniversary The Cube compact stereo integrated amplifier (around $15,000). Due out around Munich show time in May, this little baby attempts to incorporate all the advanced technology of Siltech's innovative three-box SAGA amplifier ($75,000) into a single box that is more financially available, designer lifestyle-friendly, and outputs 200Wpc into 4 ohms. Other stats: five analog inputs, WiFi and streaming modules, and operated via the Cubissimo bi-directional LED remote. Includes the LightDrive system light generator that, to quote the literature, operates "totally free of the artifacts stemming from AC fluctuations and distortions."

The Cube made very fine sound over the Arabesque Minissimo by Crystal Cable (est. $15,000/pair), also expected in May, an adorable mini-loudspeaker with a frequency range of 45Hz–38kHz &177;3dB.