New Cables from Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research has just introduced four levels of its new, hand-fabricated Atmosphere interconnects ($695–$2500 for a 1m/pair, depending upon level) and Atmosphere speaker cables (approx. twice the price). Non-active, which means that they don't need to be connected to an external power supply, albeit actively grounded, the cables come complete with blue and red tuning bullets specifically designed for this new "passive" cable line.

"I would put these up against any cables on the market," Synergistic Research's anything-but-passive Ted Denney (above) told me. While the cables are said to perform their best when excited by the company's FEQ and/or Atmosphere devices, they can also be used without them. With those devices in place, the sound was highly atmospheric (in a very positive way) and engaging, albeit dark, with wonderful depth. The system included the excellent Magico S3 loudspeakers, McIntosh MC452 stereo amp and MC2500 preamp, Sony HAP-Z1ES music server, Mac mini, Luxman DA-06 DSD DAC, Acoustic Signature turntable with Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge, and, of course, Synergistic Research's excellent Powercell 10, FEQ, Atmosphere, Tranquility Bases, equipment supports, and room treatment.