Vandersteen Announces the Mk.II Model Seven

Richard Vandersteen points to the detailed improvements to his flagship Model Seven speaker, which produced one of my best sounds at the 2015 CES. The major change is to the tweeter and its environment. Still using a unique balsa/alloy sandwich dome, this has been brought into better alignment of its acoustic center with that of the midrange unit, which has in turn meant changing the design of the grille to optimize its acoustic environment. This has resulted in less hand-adjustment of the crossover, to give a more easily achieved consistency in manufacturing. Other changes to the subwoofer drivers and the internal amplifier allow significantly greater linear cone excursion below 100Hz.

Michael Fremer enthusiastically reviewed the original Model Seven in March 2010 and it has been a Class-A Recommended Component since then.

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Sometimes, Hi Fi seems to have fashion cycles.

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The Model 7 Mk. I's were consistently at or near the top of each THE Show in Newport that I've attended. Crazy good bass and realism with vinyl I've never heard so good before.

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The sevens are out of my price range, but I liked every room the Treo model was used at RMAF, which is in my range. Richard is really doing great work.