Naim's New Integrateds

Naim Audio has just introduced three new great-sounding products in its NAIT (Naim Audio Integrated Series). The entry-level NAIT 5si Integrated amplifier ($1800) outputs 60Wpc into 8 ohms, and has four analog inputs (including DIN, which they think sounds best), a headphone output, and unity gain inputs for AV pre/pro or receiver. Climbing up the ladder gets you the 70Wpc Naim NAIT XS 2 integrated ($2900) and "audiophile version" 80Wpc Naim SuperNAIT 2 integrated ($4900). In addition to more inputs and features, these higher-level products include upgradeable external power supplies, which counts for a lot in Naimland.

Paired with the Naim NDX network music player ($5700), which handles files up to 192kHz sampling rate; Dali Epicon 6 loudspeakers ($13,995/pair); and Naim cabling, the system delivered notably transparent, beautiful, clean and balanced sound on the "Pie Jesu" from Rutter's Requiem (in, heresy of heresies, the version conducted by Rutter rather than the ubiquitously played rendition from Reference Recordings). The enviable sense of transparency and clarity continued with "Country Sleep," a track from the band Night Beds' first album. Finally, a bootleg track from Prince delivered shockingly tight bass. All this impressive sound without high-level equipment racks, power conditioning, or room treatment = a great deal in my book.