Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation music system Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Accessories: AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Low-Z Power Conditioner with NRG 10 power cord, and Vodka Ethernet cable. Critical Mass Systems Maxxum equipment racks. Zanden Audio AT-1 proprietary foam bass traps/tubes (corners, 2×).—Julie Mullins

Naim Audio Ltd.
Distributor: Focal Naim North America
313 Rue Marion
Repentigny, Quebec QC J5Z 4N8, Canada
(800) 663.9352

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I don't see any comparison to other lifestyle products or any other similarly priced products. But, the market is flooded with lifestyle products, and the competition around $1500-$2000 is fierce. Also, about good 60-70% of the article seems to come directly from Naim. Audio equipment is subject. Extremely subjective that I think the only way to achieve some objectiveness is by comparing to other products or by providing measurements in my humble opinion.

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I agree that comparisons are very helpful to readers and consumers. I can add a bit to this. I have listened to too many of these small 'lifestyle' systems and speakers and the comparisons have become rather muddled. Those units were mostly quite satisfactory, but I am someone who can enjoy music on a good car stereo.

That confusion doesn't matter much in this case, because when I sat down in the dealer's listening room seeking to listen to the Muso2, I thought the music playing was from his component system and separate speakers. It was not small-speaker music, and it was tonally rich and completely enjoyable. The review could be misinterpreted to be implying that the Muso is overly detailed, bright, and PRAT-exaggerated, but that is not the case. The Muso puts a lot of musical energy into a large room, and the tonal balance is completely realistic. I purchased the Muso.

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Thanks for reading and commenting, Chaeflot. To be clear, I didn't find the Mu-so Gen 2 at all bright or tipped-up in tonal balance either. It sounds like you had similar impressions of its expansion and energy. Glad you liked what you heard enough to make a purchase!

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MhtLion, thanks for your comments. Those are fair statements. However, partly because this is an all-in-one type of product that arguably isn't typically "audiophile" in the purist (or purest) sense, I chose not to follow some of the more standard review conventions. I thought readers might be interested in knowing more about what's unique about this product on the technical side — and by extension, why it sounds as good as it does, given its type/category's inherent limitations (size of chassis, drivers, etc.).

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This is what my wife would choose for her HiFi. My own singing mother would also love this thing.

Nice Product review

Tony in Venice

ps. it kind of reminds me of vintage B&O

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Physics be damned. Dsp can't fix what that will do to the in room response.

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One of my favorite places on earth. I've seen hundreds and hundreds of concerts there. I'd live there, if they'd let me. Many, many of my memories are associated with that venue...