Morel in White

Morel had two setups at CES: one featuring a pair of Soundspot SP 3 satellites and 8” bass unit ($1799/pair) and, in another room, a pair of Sopran floorstanders, the latter winner of the 2013 CES Design and Engineering Innovations award. The Sopran ($12,000/pair} is one-down from the $34,000/pair—and, in my opinion, unfortunately-named—Fat Lady. The Sopran is a three-way, five-driver speaker, proprietary drivers and a molded carbon-fiber composite cabinet that I find a refreshing change from the usual wooden box.

The Soundspots are part of Morel’s music theater system, which can extend to having five satellites and a 10” bass unit. What I heard was technically a 2.1 channel system, with the satellites sitting somewhat precariously on stands, but having a nice, well-focused sound.