Monitor Audio Gold Speakers, Roksan Blak Amplifier & CD Player

I was impressed by the new Monitor Audio Gold 300 speakers when I auditioned them at the recent Montreal Audio fest. At AXPONA, Chicago retailer Saturday Audio Exchange was showing off the smaller Gold 200 tower ($5000/pair) and Gold 100 bookshelf ($2100/pair) driven by a Roksan Blak integrated amplifier ($4499) and Black CD player ($3999) and hooked up with AudioQuest cables. Like the 300, the smaller speakers feature midrange units and woofers that use Monitor Audio's RDT II (Rigid Diaphragm Technology) sandwich diaphragms, with a "Micro Pleated Diaphragm" tweeter.

The sound of the Gold 200s was transparent, with clean high frequencies and well-controlled lows. However, as so often is the case at shows, where the hotel-supplied chairs place the listener's ears will above a speaker's tweeter axis, the Monitor Audios sounded hollow unless I slouched.

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I have had the same experience with my current set up and have adjusted the feet on my speakers to achieve "optimum" sound.
Obviously not all tweeters are created equal (insert cliché here), but I am quite happy with this adjustment.