MIT's Newest

MIT has a lot of new goodies on its plate. With hopes that I got everything right in my notes, the Oracle MA-X SHD (super high definition) interconnects ($19,999/1m pair) include 125 "poles of articulation"—the most MIT offers in an interconnect. Their familiar and substantial boxes include an "articulation control" knob, adopted from hearing-aid technology. A complement to the company's SHD speaker cables (which have up to 145 poles of articulation), the cables are designed so that the box sits on either the floor or equipment rack, thereby relieving strain from the cable itself and the components to which it is connected.

At the other end of the pole, as it were, sits the new entry-level Style Line series. The SL-3 has three poles of articulation, the SL-6 six, all the way up to twelve, with prices ranging $200-500 for a pair of interconnects, and $500-1200 for speaker cable. Instead of boxes, these cables boast an ovoid enclosure that has no sharp corners.

Finally, for the first time ever, MIT has produced two USB cables, the StyleLink Digital ($79) and StyleLink Digital Plus ($199).