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I've been a fan of European Audio Team electronics since I reviewed the fantastic E.A.T. E-Glo I integrated amplifier in the December 2020 issue of Stereophile. Unfortunately, that mighty tube treat wasn't present at AXPONA, but Vana Ltd. importer, CTO Roy Feldstein, told me to chill. He had more E.A.T tricks up his sleeve.

The Vana Ltd. system included an E.A.T Fortissimo turntable with F-Note Tonearm and Jo No.8 MC cartridge ($17,998), E.A.T. E-Glo S Hybrid/Tube phonostage ($3599), an Ayre Acoustics QX8 Digital Hub ($5950), Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty preamplifier ($29,500), and Ayre Acoustics MX-R Twenty monoblock amplifiers ($33,500/pair). Loudspeakers were the Marten Parker Trio Diamond Editions ($38,995/pair) that JA reviewed in the June 2021 issue.

Cabling consisted of Jorma Unity Interconnects ($2995/1m/pr), Jorma Unity speaker cables ($3995/1m/pr, $949 per additional meter), Atlas Cables Eos Superior power cables ($1675/1m), Atlas Cables Eos Modular power filter ($1130), Atlas Cables Mavros interconnects ($2010/1m/pr), Atlas Cables Mavros speaker cables ($3385/2m/pr).

Roy played Marvin Gaye's classic What's Going On vinyl, and the room vanished. An incredibly spatial, giant soundstage appeared over a very low noise floor, infused with tons of air and dimensionality. This was dream Marvin personified, from his layered voice in all its soulful grandeur, complete with overdubbed harmony scatting ("Right on"), which gave the music a more cerebral tone that I've ever experienced. Congas and drums danced in strong, dense images; the horn floated. Magic.

A US debut, still under wraps but in demo form, Shion AI-Powered Modular Acoustic Panels (TBA) were used privately in one of Vana's third floor rooms. These unusual, powered, wood-and-MDF panels (19.7" W by 35.4" H by 3.9" D) stood person-high, and each featured a wave-like dip in its center. When demoed with streaming files to a small pair of standmounts, bass notes were deeply extended, humongous, earth-scorching. I didn't realize the panels were active, as the music seemed to emanate only from the standmounts.

Roy had two other rooms offering the Ferrum HYPSOS Hybrid power supply ($1195), Ferrum OOR analog headphone amplifier ($1195), Ferrum Erco DAC/headphone amplifier ($2395), and Atlas cables. Another room showcased Audio Physic Midex loudspeakers ($12,495/pair)

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I can see where JA fell in love with these speakers. They breathe like fine musical instruments!

EAT source and amplification was really refined and absolutely musical. It was great to finally hear EAT.