The March Issue Has Arrived

The March issue has arrived. And it’s an issue of contrasts. Featured on the cover is Theta’s Prometheus monoblock, a class-D tower of power offering 320W into 8 ohms. You’d think that at $12,000/pair the Prometheus was expensive, but its price pales in comparison to the $54,000 Boulder is asking for its state-of-the-art 2110 preamplifier! Fortunately, the 132-page March 2015 Stereophile also features reviews of a very affordable turntable from Pioneer and a high-value tower loudspeaker from DALI.

Couple all that with Art Dudley on the new version of Wilson’s Duette speaker and the Audiodesk ultrasonic LP cleaner, Michael Lavorgna on the joys of listening to music and on the Tidal lossless streaming service, Jason Serinus on what music exhibitors should play at audio shows, and Robert Baird on new saxophone star Mark Tuner, and an appreciation of what Sam Tellig and Wes Phillips contributed to the magazine over the years, and you can see why we feel it’s one heck of a package!

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I always enjoy his reviews and his opinions as well as his take on the industry. I really enjoy his choice of music he uses for his reviews. Was also fascinated with the Wilson speakers review, love speakers that work close to a wall. Great issue, refreshing to also read the Pioneer table review. I wish though Herb would have explained how they tweaked the arm bearings in greater detail. Great issue.

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Classy send off by JA for ST and WP. Pioneer TT review was just great, but I hope that in the near future some comments can be made about how the arm bearing adjustments were completed. Pioneer should sell a few boatloads of them. Maybe we can read more from John Marks in the future. One can hope.

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The Pioneer TT review was great. I've been looking at SL1200s for a while now, and it's great to know there's now a proper successor to carry on its torch.

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I must have missed them, but I never noticed a winner of the Vanatoo or the N.Doc. AudioEngine gear. A search of the site for "Vanatoo" didn't seem to turn up an entry saying who won those.

I also thought in the various rules for the Vanatoo, which I only skimmed, that there was more than one drawing date referenced in various places in the rules.

Am I mistaken here or did something go amiss?