The Magico MRack

Magico's MRack ($30,000–$50,000, depending upon configuration) absorbs and dissipates energy with the same constrained-layer damping mechanism employed in the Magico QPod equipment supports that Michael Fremer raved about in his June 2012 "Analog Corner" column, and that I use under my transport and DAC. Constructed of 500 lbs of aluminum, copper, and damping compound, the MRack is a byproduct of the R&D Magico put it into their Q series of loudspeakers. "Think of the MRack as a giant QPod," says Magico's Alon Wolf.

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$30-$50,000 for an equipment rack.  Wow.  Have they no shame?

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In my opinion no one has the ears, the listening room quality, the system synergy, or a decent number of high enough quality recordings to justify that kind of expense just for a rack.

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Overkill. Overdamped. Overhyped. Overpriced. Over my dead body!

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Come on.  Are you kidding?!?  THere is NO way that ANY rack (notwithstanding the cost of "500 lbs" of aluminum, copper and whatever else) can justify asking that kind of money.  We're talking about a well-appointed C-Class Mercedes (which certainly has more than 500 lbs of aluminum, etc) sitting on your listening-room floor...  Okay, lets see, MRack or Mercedes?!?  Hmmm...

While I understand that high-end audio components are very expensive to design and build, there's simply no justification for it.  It's a RACK!   

This appears to be an obvious attempt by Alon and team to squeeze more money out of the people who have already been bamboozled into buying Magico loudspeakers. 

Any comments, Mr. Dudley?   I suppose I'll ALSO be asked to leave the room now, right, Alon?!?

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Well, it is not as if he is forcing us to buy the thing, is he? cheeky

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Actively discouraging us.

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Please create a new category above A+

Sugested name Ai (Audiophile idiots) sic!

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At least it's not that absurdly overpriced blingy thing with a fancy paint job and shelves full of nothing but a bunch of compressed stacks of Sorbothane blocks that a reViewer at another magazine thinks is good. Silly me, I look for stuff based on rigorous engineering design principles and described with solid technical language, not aluminum (which has more than its share of problems) or Sorbothane, the latter which is intended for impact control and is a complete misapplication for audio racks. An engineer would know and understand that.

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Reminds me of the joke about the guy selling apples at a million dollars only takes one.    The sad thing is these will sell to someone.