A Less-Expensive Django from Marten

Erick Lichte was very impressed with the Marten Django XL loudspeaker when he reviewed it last September. The three-way Django costs $15,000/pair, but CES saw the debut of the two-way Django L, at a more affordable $9000/pair. A 1" Accuton tweeter is married to two 8" woofers and the sound on Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up" was much better-integrated than I would have expected.

The rest of the system was all EAR: 890 power amplifier ($8295), 912 preamp ($13,000), DACute ($6595), and a Discmaster turntable ($28,000) fitted with two Helius Omega tonearms and a Dynavector XV-1S cartridge. Caling was all Jorma.

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The L should be in a raffle, LOL!!