Krell DT-10 CD transport Ancillary equipment

Sidebar 2: Ancillary equipment

While in my listening room, the DT-10 drove the Krell Reference 64, Sonic Frontiers SFD-2, and Mark Levinson No.30 digital processors. The Reference 64 was an ideal match for the DT-10; this combination, connected with the separate Time Sync clock, allowed both products to achieve their optimum levels of performance. Other transports on hand for comparison were the similarly priced Mark Levinson No.31 ($8500) and the much less expensive PS Audio Lambda ($1695).

Loudspeakers were Thiel CS3.6es, driven by a Krell KSA-300S power amplifier via 8' runs of AudioQuest Sterling. Preamps were either the Audio Research LS5 or Krell KRC. Interconnects included Expressive Technologies IC-1, AudioQuest Lapis and Diamond, and the recently received TARA Labs balanced RSC. Digital cables were Aural Symphonics Digital Standard (coax), Madrigal's AES/EBU link, and AudioQuest Optical Pro II ST-type. A Krell-supplied ST-type cable was used for the Time Sync connection.

The primary point of reference for the DT-10 was the similarly priced Levinson No.31 transport. I compared the DT-10 to the No.31 driving both the Reference 64 processor and the No.30. My overall impressions of the DT-10 were consistent with both processors.—Robert Harley

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