Klyne Audio Arts SK-5A preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Description: Solid-state stereo preamplifier. Inputs: Phono, Line, Aux, Tape. Controls: Source, Mode (Tape Monitor, Tape Source, Mono), Balance, Volume, Phase (Invert, Mute, Normal). Gain: Phono 22–34dB; Line 14–20dB. Bandwidth: MC phono 1Hz–150kHz; MM phono and Line inputs, 0.5Hz–250kHz. Output impedance: 300 ohms.
Dimensions: 19" W by 2.5" H by 12.5" D. Weight: 12 lbs.
Price: $3250 (1987); no longer available (2007). Approximate number of dealers: undisclosed.
Manufacturer: Klyne Audio Arts, Olympia, WA 98501. Tel: (360) 273-8477. Fax: (360) 273-6991. Web: www.klyne.com.

Klyne Audio Arts
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 273-8477

allhifi's picture

That review is laughable -even for 1987 !

It also reeks of arrogance. It appears the writer remained permanently encapsulated in the 1960's (or 70's) mind-set.

There's an abundance of seemingly contradictory statements and a seriously questionable understanding MC cartridge performance advantages. And the writer was how long 'in-the-business' (by 1987)? Ouch.
And then the assertion that the AR SP-11 to be the best/finest preamp in the world? (Too funny).

Finally, no reference to cabling (IC/speaker wire) used for this self-indulgent "review"?

Man-oh-man, is that really what it was like back then ?

(P.S. That same Klyne pre is currently listed (4-28-2019) for sale. It is nicely constructed. And may even sound good. That's how I got to this review -not that anyone cares. lol)