Klyne Audio Arts SK-5A preamplifier Review System

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For testing the SK-5A, I used what has been my reference system for the past six months or so: an Ortofon MC-2000 cartridge (with and without its own step-up transformer), the Well-Tempered Arm, the SOTA Star Sapphire turntable, Sony's 650 and 703 CD player/converter combo, an Audio Research SP-11 preamp, a pair of the mono Threshold SA-1 power amplifiers, and a pair of Sound Lab A-3 full-range electrostatic speakers.—J. Gordon Holt

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allhifi's picture

That review is laughable -even for 1987 !

It also reeks of arrogance. It appears the writer remained permanently encapsulated in the 1960's (or 70's) mind-set.

There's an abundance of seemingly contradictory statements and a seriously questionable understanding MC cartridge performance advantages. And the writer was how long 'in-the-business' (by 1987)? Ouch.
And then the assertion that the AR SP-11 to be the best/finest preamp in the world? (Too funny).

Finally, no reference to cabling (IC/speaker wire) used for this self-indulgent "review"?

Man-oh-man, is that really what it was like back then ?

(P.S. That same Klyne pre is currently listed (4-28-2019) for sale. It is nicely constructed. And may even sound good. That's how I got to this review -not that anyone cares. lol)