Klipsch Image A5i Sport in-ear headphones

Though I was exhausted from a long day of walking through enormous casinos and down seemingly endless halls, I couldn’t resist the allure of flashing lights and loud dance music. I walked into the room and was startled by red-and-white-striped jump ropes spinning dizzying patterns to the music.

Klipsch’s Image A5i Sport in-ear headphones sound great, stay in place, and resist sweat—no matter how hard you work out. Ask Jessica Fong, head coach of Los Angeles’ Palpitating Panthers, a non-profit organization devoted to athleticism, sportsmanship, and fitness through competitive-and-performance jump rope. Their team consists of about 20 young boys and girls, competes in national events, and has even been featured on the popular TV show Glee.

Instead of simply telling us about their new design, Klipsch had Jessica and her partners show us how they work. The headphones always stayed in place and their Kevlar-armored cables never became tangled—even when the athletes flipped upside down. I was impressed.

The A5i uses Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips for a comfortable and more secure fit within the ear canal, and the secure-fit earpieces wrap around the ear for added stability.

“They sound really good, too,” said Jessica. “I’m not just saying that.”

I didn’t try the headphones (or the jump-rope), but I’ll take Jessica’s word for it.

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I dig those stereo socks, the most

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You'd think, in the interest of jouralistic integrity you'd at least have given the 'phones a try with the jump ropes. I'm disappointed.

Steve Z