KingSound & Shaker Logic Audio

The KingSound King III electrostatic loudspeakers ($12,000/pair) sounded superb at RAF, without the sweet-spot beaming I would have expected from their width. Amplifier was the 120Wpc, $6500 Innamorata from Wells Audio that I first heard at the 2013 Newport Beach Show, with an EAR 868 tube preamp ($7395) and Kaplan cables. Source was the latest Sound Science Music Vault M7 ($5595) with an Antelope Zodiac Platinum DAC with Voltikus power supply ($5500). Analog source was a Townshend Rock 7 turntable ($3900) fitted with an Ortofon Rondo Blue cartridge ($879).

Contributing to the impressive sound in this room were the Vicoustic bass traps and Acoustic Absorbers but the top box in the stack was also doing its part. This was the Attune SE from Shaker Logic Audio ($2495, above). Operating in the analog domain, this applies adjustable baffle-step compensation.