Jason's Binaural Video at AXPONA

Constellation’s Irv Gross (right) welcomes Jason to the Precision Audio room.

On Saturday April 14, I followed Jason Victor Serinus around AXPONA with my video camera while he played recordings from M•A and John Atkinson.

We first visited a room hosted by retailer Precision Audio featuring MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A loudspeakers ($24,995/pair), a Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian turntable ($35,000) with Viper tonearm ($10,000), Constellation Audio Taurus monoblock power amplifiers ($39,000/pair), a Constellation Andromeda phono stage ($18,000), a Constellation Pictor preamplifier ($18,000), and a Constellation Cygnus media player ($38,000).

You can read more details on this room in JA's show report. (Scroll down the page.)

Next, we visited the High Fidelity Services room featuring Verity Audio Otello speakers ($18,695/pair), a Trilogy Audio Systems 925 hybrid integrated amplifier ($15,995), a Melco N1ZH Mk.2 digital music library ($4995), and a Playback Designs Merlot DAC ($6500).

This was followed by the MSB room, with a system comprising an MSB Select DAC ($89,500) with Mono Power Base option ($19,500) and Femto 33 clock option ($9950), an MSB Reference transport ($18,000) with Reference Transport Power Base option ($11,500), MSB M204 monoblock amplifiers ($39,500/pair), YG Sonja 2.2 speakers ($72,300/pair), and Analysis Plus Gold and Ultimate cables throughout.

You can read more details on this room in Jason's show report.

As always with our binaural reports, you will get the most lifelike experience listening on headphones.

Allen Fant's picture

As always, nice work- Jana
I hope Stereophile reviews those Verity Audio Otello loudspeakers.

Herb Reichert's picture

Jason, you did Tennessee Williams level work here - and Jana channelled John Huston :)

RoryB's picture

...but the zip-tied headworn microphones give a distinctly nerdy look. The overall effect is nice, particularly through headphones as advised.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

that I will never be caught, either dead or alive, walking down the street wearing that outfit. Personally, I think your use of the term "nerdy" to describe how I look with that cap on is polite.