High Fidelity Cables

Amidst the glorious sound of Scaena loudspeakers and Veloce's battery-powered electronics (among other goodies) ran Rick Schultz's new High Fidelity cables. Alan Eichenbaum of Scaena reports that when the Schultz sent him some samples, he gave them a try and thought they were "quite good." I'll say. Only available with RCA terminations, Eichenbaum used them as interconnects and speaker cable in his demo, mating them with Nordost Odin power cables. If you judge cables by the company they keep, High Fidelity's are surely upper class. Although Schultz was not present, I later discovered that his Texas-made cables are distributed in the US by Brian Ackerman of Aaudio Imports pictured above.

RCA interconnects range from the CT-1 ($1600/1m pair) to the CT-1 Ultimate ($4900/1m pair), and there are also speaker cables. Ackerman says that the company's "magnetic conduction technology" creates a magnetic field that pulls the signal through the cable in a more uniform manner. There are 50 parts inside the cables, and they sport High Fidelity's own plugs that mate well with the cable's "very complex alloy."