Harman/JBL at AXPONA

The Germans have a great word to describe things that are insipid and inoffensive: salonfähig ("fit for the parlor"). On that note: How many Patricia Barber tracks can a man take? After two days at AXPONA, I craved some kickass rock 'n' roll. Green Day, Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine; the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin would do in a pinch. And fortunately, that's the scene I found in the JBL room. Unapologetic raucous rock emanated from the new 13"-tall JBL L52 bookshelf speakers ($995/pair), powered by a JBL SA750 Class-G streaming integrated amplifier ($3000).

The monitors had been placed on too-low SolidSteel stands, so after a while—dignity be damned—I slid off my chair, sat on the floor, and scooted close, my face maybe 4' away from the drivers. Excellence ensued. The L52s can fill a decent-sized room for sure, but for a more intimate perspective, I liked them best when I essentially treated them as nearfield speakers. They rocked, they rolled, and then I found that they did subtler music just as well. Billie Eilish seemed to be singing just for me.

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over and over is insipid. But Billie Eilish seems to get mentioned over and over too.

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Jim Anderson