Halcro dm88 Reference monoblock power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Solid-state monoblock power amplifier with active power-factor correction. Inputs: 1 pair balanced (XLR) Voltage Mode; 3 pairs unbalanced (RCA): Voltage Mode, Current Mode, Minimal Path. Outputs: 2 pairs speaker binding posts. Output power: >270W into 8 ohms, >500W into 4 ohms. Distortion: <–126dB (<500 parts/billion) up to 20kHz at full power output, all harmonic-distortion orders. THD: <–140dB (<100ppb) at 1kHz. Intermodulation products: all <–126dB relative to power output for sum of 19+20kHz tones, each delivering 100W into 4 ohms, or at peak power. Noise: equivalent input noise at the input is 5nV/sqrt(Hz) in voltage mode, 6pV(Hz) in current mode. Slew-rate limit for small signals or at full voltage output: 100V/µs. Input impedance: 100k ohms for Voltage Mode, 60 ohms for Current Mode, 660 ohms for Minimal Path. Voltage gain: 49V/V (35.6dB) in Voltage Mode, 30V/V (29.5dB) in Minimal Path, 9V/mA for Current Mode. Overload: 1µs recovery from hard overload at 20kHz into 4 ohms. Protection: amplifier shuts down in the event of excessive temperature, prolonged 12A continuous current output, continuous DC signal at output, input overload, or various other power-supply faults. Operating supply voltage: 85–270V RMS, 45–65Hz.
Dimensions: 31" (790mm) H by 16" (400mm) W by 16" (400mm) D. Weight: 120 lbs (55kg) each, net; 385 lbs (175kg) both, shipping (2 per pallet).
Serial Numbers Of Units Reviewed: 130, 136.
Price: $39,990/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 30. Warranty: 7 years, transferable.
Manufacturer: Halcro, 118 Hayward Avenue, Torrensville, South Australia 5031, Australia. Tel: (61) 8-8238-0807. Fax: (61) 8-8238-0852. Web: www.halcro.com. US distributor: On a Higher Note, 26081 Via Estelita, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 Tel: (949) 488-3004. Fax: (949) 488-3284. Web: www.onahighernote.com.

US distributor: On a Higher Note
26081 Via Estelita
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 488-3004