Guitarist Larry Mitchell, live at T.H.E. Show

Drawn by the scent of hot food, I wandered into the Flamingo Hotel's Red Rock Ballroom and was pleased to find Grammy award-winning producer and guitarist Larry Mitchell playing sweet, soulful blues.

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Both Larry Mitchell and Anne Bisson put on a great preformance at THE Show. Larry especially after Anne's breathtaking performance on Tuesday night rocked on for hours.

The PA Speakers for these events were custom made by our Custom Shop featuring a pair of JBL 2235H woofeers flanking a special horn designed by Dean Rivera powered by a Radian 1.5" NEO Compression Driver.

The System was powered by our new Liberty B2B-100 Power amplifiers (110WPC) but driven in Differential mode for a whopping 350W per side.  The Liberty B2B-100 is offered by our Liberty Audio direct to the music lover Company for  $1995 with our usual 14 day trail period. 

My reason for this pairing was to show up how well a PA System can sound and how rugged the Little B2B-100's really are.

As Always, Good Listening

Peter Noerbaek

PBN Audio


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If the hi fi snobs don't like the old J bangers that's their bad luck. If any of these guys like Bon Jovi, Paul Simon, Paul Mc Cartney, The Beatles then they are listening to records or cds or heaven forbid downloads of music mixed and mastered on these Studio Monitors. There was little or no mention of JBL speakers in the show report. I know many will say the world has moved on but when you go to concerts like U2 the big Clare Brothers systems on the claw etc are kicking that power to your ears on JBL.

I love the Wilson sound and even sonic signatures on the other end of the spectrum like the smooth tones of Martin Logan etc. TAD could be the closest thing to JBL monitors that excites me- music is for me something exciting, not some intellectual stuff shirt convention that has to be sedate. If I want sedation I go to the dentist, the dentist scares me way too much anyway besides, when you are sedated you don't even remember. I rock big bad JBL's and I don't give a fig about the snobs.