Grado HP 1 headphones Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Single-element dynamic headset. Nominal impedance: 40 ohms. Sensitivity: 96dB for 1mW input.
Price: $595. Approximate number of dealers: 500.
Manufacturer: Joseph Grado Signature Products, Westfield, NJ 07090 (1992). Grado Labs, 4614 Seventh Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11220 (2012). Tel: (718) 435-5340. Fax: (718) 633-6941. Web:

Grado Labs
4614 Seventh Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 435-5340

hollowman's picture

Wow ... to think that the first versions of these came out in 1989 ...

... but are they "classic" ...or modern ... or "timeless"?

These can fetch $1500-3500 on the used market as of late 2012. 

Pretty uncomfortable, esp. for long-term listening, but with a good DEDICATED headphone amp, they can hold their own even against the "best" modern 'phones. See various threads at for more info.

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I'm not here to judge the sound of something I've never heard, but, as a first impression, it sure looks odd (in the cover picture). I'm not sure it's got much of a selling point because by the way it looks, the HP1s make it seem like they're going to clamp down on your ears and prevent any long listening sessions so my question is...How in the world can they market this to sound engineers who need to wear a pair of headphones for quite a bit of time (depends on their needs, but I'm focusing on the work aspect here)?