Good Times with NFS Audio

My old friends, Big Mike and Anton of NFS Audio. Over at the Flamingo, exhibiting at T.H.E. Show, the pair were having a good time, listening to Lee Morgan through a system comprising Yamaha NS1000 and Infinity WTLC loudspeakers, a Yamaha CR3020 receiver, a Sony PSX800 turntable with Monster Sigma Genesis MC cartridge, and an Oppo disc player.

As we caught up, I mentioned to Anton that I'd been having trouble getting my system to sound its best in my new listening room. As usual, Anton offered great encouragement: "That's part of the fun of the hobby—the thrill of the room."

And just as Anton said that, the music took the sweetest turn. I felt I could stay and listen forever and, at the same time, I looked forward to being home.

Bill Leebens's picture

Sorry I never got there this year-- two of the nicest, most welcoming  guys in the world---and not just the audio world.

...and their collection of wines and homemade limoncello is pretty welcoming, as well!

JasonVSerinus's picture

Anton, aka Buddha, is a Northern California member of the Bay Area Audiophile Society. Long absent from our events, I hope he will return soon, perhaps to an event at Casa Bellecci-Serinus. Just keep those drinks away from Daisy Mae Doven and Leo Gleesun!