Gershman Acoustics Opera Sauvage loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Linn Sondek LP12-Cirkus-Trampolin-Lingo-Ekos-Arkiv LP player on a Sound Organisation table.
Digital sources: Mark Levinson No.31.5 CD transport; Mark Levinson No.30.6, Benchmark DAC 1, Lavry Engineering DA2002, Nagra DAC D/A processors; dCS 972 upsampler; Arcam FMJ CD33 CD player; Technics DVD-A10 DVD-Audio player; Philips SACD1000 SACD player with Meitner EMM6 D/A processor; Apple 15" Titanium PowerBook with iTunes and Metric Halo MIO 2882 digital interface.
Preamplification: Linn Linto, Sutherland PhD phono preamps; Mark Levinson No.380S line preamp; Z-Systems rdp-1 digital control center (updated to handle 96kHz sources).
Power amplifiers: Mark Levinson No.33H monoblocks, Halcro dm38.
Cables: Datalink: Kimber Illuminations Orchid AES/EBU, AudioQuest SVD-4 S/PDIF. Interconnect: AudioQuest Cheetah, Madrigal CZ Gel-1 (balanced); DiMarzio, AudioQuest Lapis (unbalanced). Speaker: AudioQuest Kilimanjaro. AC: Synergistic Research Designer's Reference2, PS Audio Lab Cable.
Accessories: PS Audio Power Plant 300 at 90Hz (preamps, sources only); Audio Power Industries 116 Mk.II, PE-1 AC line conditioners (not power amps); ASC Tube Traps, RPG Abffusors. AC power comes from two dedicated 20A circuits, each just 6' from the breaker box. A monoblock was plugged into each.—John Atkinson

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