Dynaudio Sub 6 Subwoofer

Just so happens the first room I entered this year featured the Wolf Cinema projector in a full-on home theater demo. Curiously, like a fish out of water, Wolf sets up their video equipment at the Venetian high-end audio stomping grounds year after year with an impressive big screen presentation. It must work for them! But as I looked around in the dark, I found Dynaudio's Brian Kjaer also present. This is Dynaudio's only CES showing this year, as the audio provider for the Wolf Cinema room.

Dynaudio's surround system featured the Contour 20 bookshelf in the rear and the Contour 30 floorstanders and the Contour 25c center channel up front. This was paired up with the company's brand new Sub 6 subwoofer featuring two 10" woofers for $2,899 each and being shown in public for the first time. Inside the sub's base is a 500 watt amp as well as a fully parametric EQ, including three filters to counter the effects of any room modes. Dynaudio has also created a custom "performance map" for each of their other old and new speakers to allow easy and quick matching, and the sub comes in satin black or white.

The rest of the Contour line was launched at the 2017 CES and the system on hand this year totalled about $23,000. It was too dark to get a photo of the woofer itself, but here's a shot of a big screen car racing demo that shook the room.

Powering the system is the AudioControl Maestro M9 processor ($8,900) and the AudioControl Pantages G3 ($3,000) five-channel high current amplifier.