Doshi Audio Monoblock V3.0 power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: dCS Paganini SACD/CD transport & Scarlatti clock & Vivaldi DAC & Network Bridge; Apple MacBook Pro computer with Intel i7, SSD, 8GB RAM; Intel NUC7i7BNH with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, running Roon; Linksys router with two TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet media converters, multimode duplex fiber-optic cable; external hard drives, USB sticks, iPad Pro.
Power Amplifiers: Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Progression, Pass Laboratories XA200.8 (all monoblocks).
Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio Specialties Alexia 2.
Cables: Digital: AudioQuest Diamond, Wireworld Platinum Starlight Cat8 (Ethernet); Nordost Odin 1 & Odin 2 & Valhalla 2 (USB). Interconnect, Speaker, AC: Nordost Odin 2.
Accessories: Grand Prix Monaco rack & amp stands, 1.5" Formula platform; Nordost QB8, QX4 (2), QK1, QV2 AC power accessories; Tweek Geek Dark Matter Stealth with High Fidelity & Furutech options & Audience aR2p-TOSOX power conditioners, GreenWave AC filter, AudioQuest NRG Edison outlets; Nordost Sort Lifts for speaker cables; Marigo Clear Transformation CD mat; Stein Music Super Naturals, Signature Harmonizers, Blue Suns/Diamonds, Quantum Organizer; Bybee Room Neutralizers; Absolare Stabilians; Resolution Acoustics room treatment; Stillpoints Aperture panels.
Listening Room: 20' L by 16' W by 9' H.—Jason Victor Serinus

Doshi Audio
Elwye Building , Suite 230
17932 Fraley Blvd.
Dumfries, VA 22026
(917) 952-2758

RFN's picture

Excellent review!!! How would you compare it to the ARC REF 160s?

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Since my associated equipment remained consistent for both reviews, which were done consecutively, all you need do is read the descriptions of sound and features.

tonykaz's picture

"The Heart is more treacherous than anything, who can know it"?

I wonder how an interested ( civilian ) Person achieves a Confidant Decision on things like Amplifiers?

I explored quite a few before settling on Electrocompaniet but I had trusting Manufactures willing to make loans of their gear for timely decisions.

If this Doshi Amplifier finds it's way into "Long Term Loan" position for Mr.JVS's reviewing duties, I'll be suitably impressed. I used Electrocompaniet Mono Amps supported by the measly Conrad-Johnson MV-45a Tube Amp for careful evaluations. The Electrocompaniet was farrrrrrrrrrrr better than the Sweet little CJ ( bless it's heart ).

Mr.JVS doing Tube reviews, hmm, Kevin Deal is taking notice. It's kinda like a Learjet Pilot doing a review of a Cessna 150 by comparing it to a Gulfstream g10. Is there a record player review on the horizon?

I'll hope for a Kii review, comparing it to those Big Wilsons, wondering if the Kii will become a welcome addition to the Main House.

Tony in Michigan

Bogolu Haranath's picture

If JVS starts reviewing analog gear, he may decide that all those hi-res files converted to vinyl LPs, sound better than the original hi-res recordings/files :-) ............

tonykaz's picture

Who would do stupid stuff like that???

that's Crazeyyyyyyyyyyy, isn't it?

tony in Michigan

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Not at all ....... If we own a $200,000 turntable with a $50,000 tonearm and $15,000 phono-cartridge, all vinyl LPs should sound 'heavenly' :-) ...........

Anton's picture

One thing,

I prefer the way Robert Deutsch reports on prices. I am picturing these for 3,600 dollars per pair.

If only!

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

I promise at least one price finger slip in the coming year. What I can't promise is in which direction it will go.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Oh ...... I forgot to mention ........ JVS is also gonna tell us that he is not the same guy as that 'my pillow' guy :-) .........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

May be JVS could consider trying one of the PS audio power conditioner/regenerators to stabilize the voltage fluctuations? ......... PS audio P-20 was favorably reviewed in Stereophile :-) ..........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

What should we have in the 'desert island'? .......... Filet mignon and chocolate cake or tofu stir-fry and sugar-free dessert? ......... Hmm ... tough choice :-) ...........

Ortofan's picture

... any hi-res recordings when the amp's distortion levels equate to about 10-bit resolution. Presumably that's the trade-off to be made if you prefer to have the "gray areas fill[ed] in with different shades of living color."

Interesting to note that the amp's distortion is predominantly third harmonic, while one would typically expect to see mainly second harmonic distortion from a tube type amp. Wonder how the sound quality of this amp would appeal to second harmonic distortion fan AD? Maybe JA can drive the amps up to AD because they might not survive shipping.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

They could switch and listen to vinyl LPs and analog compact cassette tapes, which have about 10 bit SNR .......... They can also listen to most of the streaming websites, which do about max. 8 bit SNR streaming :-) ..........

Bogolu Haranath's picture


Bogolu Haranath's picture

May be JVS could start reviewing some OTL tube amps and single-ended triode tube amps? ........... Why stop here? :-) .............

More filet mignons and chocolate cakes please :-) ............

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Tubes are the worst kind of addiction there is .......... Once anybody gets hooked on to them, any amount of rehab can't cure that addiction ........ Don't you get mesmerized just looking at those glowing tubes? Transistors are awfully ugly looking, don't you think? :-) .........