Do you still listen to FM radio?

Do you still listen to FM radio?
More than ever
10% (40 votes)
Yes, just as much as always
37% (144 votes)
Yes, but less than I used to
20% (76 votes)
Yes, but much less than I used to
10% (40 votes)
20% (76 votes)
I never listened to it in the first place
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 388

FM radio, once the mainstay for those seeking exposure to new music, is under attack from satellite radio, Web radio, and corporate playlists. Do you still listen to FM radio?

A.  CiFuentes's picture

Can't stand commercials any more and so I have limited myself to NPR—such as 89.3 The Current or my own CD/MP3 collection.

Jamescyberjoe's picture

Yes, I love my local NYC classical station WQXR and classic rock WQHT as well as some local low-power public and college stations. I just can't stand the pop music stations like WKTU, WHTZ, WPLJ, and the like—the same bad music over and over and over and annoying endless commercials.

gc simmons's picture

FM Radio was cool back in the day. Like in the early '70s. I've got 1500 LPs and 450 CDs. I've been listening to my vinyl more than ever! I and also I make my own CDs to listen to in the truck.

tko's picture

It's on all day long, as I work from home—through a decent hi-fi system.

Antonio's picture

Always breaking news are first in FM station, music is a refill

paul Smith's picture

I upraded to an HD tuner and the sound is better than ever and free!

Jayne lee wilson's picture

Here in UK, the once great Radio 3 has for some years been all but ruined by dynamic compression— even lunchtime quartets are subject to this flattening of the dynamic variation which is such an essential part of the thrill of classical music. So the Proms, once a model of broadcast sound, are now uniformly climax-free on FM. So with no obvious digital alternative of real quality, apart from occasional BBC4 TV relays, I ignore them. After over 30 years devotion to Radio 3. Now, my listening is either live concerts (RLPO/Petrenko!) or CD.

Steve's picture

Great jazz station KPLU in Seattle.

WSE3's picture

But it is either sports radio or National Public Radio (only music however).

J.  Loesiahari's picture

Still an affair I do each and every single day.

Anonymous's picture

Only one station in Orlando has a playlist that I can stand. The rest of the time I use CDs or XM.

P.K.'s picture

Its a great way to hear new music when your sick of your own cds

DC in ABQ's picture

Only in the car, as background

Geordy Duncan's picture

CKUA. That's it. Best on the planet.