Do you still listen to FM radio?

Do you still listen to FM radio?
More than ever
10% (40 votes)
Yes, just as much as always
37% (144 votes)
Yes, but less than I used to
20% (76 votes)
Yes, but much less than I used to
10% (40 votes)
20% (76 votes)
I never listened to it in the first place
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 388

FM radio, once the mainstay for those seeking exposure to new music, is under attack from satellite radio, Web radio, and corporate playlists. Do you still listen to FM radio?

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

Of course! It's free.

Jonathan Allen's picture

Less, because BBC Radio 3 (classical music) has dumbed down far too much.

Steve NM's picture

Not anymore. There isn't anything worth listening to. I moved to satellite radio a few years ago. Audio quality isn't as good as FM, but I never run out interesting music to listen to. And no commercials!

Cesar's picture

Yes, but mostly in the car. Too much talking and too many commercials usually means a short listen.

Al Marcy's picture

I am not interested in traffic, weather, or current events. Color me old.

Oliver's picture

I listen about one to two hours per day to FM. But most of the time, I do not listen to music, but do listen to radio plays, radio features, news etc. (I'm living in Germany.)

Jim's picture

I listen to my local Public Radio stations, which broadcast both NPR and BBC news; and they provide a nice mix of jazz, blues, and classical music.

jim's picture

Four minutes of music, four minutes of ads—no thanks!

Alex's picture

In fact, right now I'm listening to KMHD play a wonderful instrumental version of "Wichita Lineman."

Nosmo King's picture

Yes, but then again I am listening on a Fisher reciever from 1963. Still sounds great. Web radio is good as well, but I will not pay for radio, so satelite is out.

Mike Agee's picture

Yes, but it is mostly talk via our local Public Radio affiliate WAMC out of Albany, a bastion of reason in this Foxed land of ours. Some music, but when the talk is Scott Ritter telling me before the invasion that there are no WMD, I heard—and am still listening.

Claude Hall's picture

I picked up AR2a speakers for $35 and a Pioneer SX3600 for $10 more and they make great stereo FM for $45.

Nodaker's picture

About the only time I listen to the radio, period, is to listen to a hockey game. I have more music than they do! So why listen?

Grant's picture

Thankfully, there are still several good local stations that aren't overprocessed & still sound reasonably okay.

Erick Lichte's picture

I live in Minnesota, where Public Radio rules. We have an excellent NPR news station, one of the best clasical stations in the country as well as The Current, Minnesota Public Radio's amazing contemporary/pop music format. Sometimes I wish I had three heads so I could listen to all three stations at the same time. Folks from around the world can listen to these stations online at Please check out The Current because there just aren't many stations left like this.

Greg Crouser's picture

Never listen to it at home. Only NPR in car. Haven't enjoyed music on radio since college.

OtherDoug's picture

Lucky to have a great NPR jazz station that bombs in cleanly with excellent sound, another NPR classical station, and a pretty good classic rock station that all sound waaay better than satellite.

Andreas's picture

Since DAB never really made it in Sweden (where I live), and listening to badly compressed streams on my SB isn't enough, well there isn't much else to do. I just bought an old Rotel RT-1000 tuner, replacing my old Technics from 1989, and it was a good upgrade.

Pete's picture

I listen to it in the car and at home for NPR. Our local classical station moved its antenna and now the reception is poor—I used to listen to it every day.

hifidan's picture

Only in the car.

Adam's picture

It's free!

Mike's picture

HD radio has made it possible for me to continue listening, especially public radio's (WKSU) classical HD3 channel.


My FM listening is limited primarily to my car radio. Also, I do listen to several FM stations that have Internet/streaming capabilities when I am using my computer.

ViMe's picture

A hi-fi lineup is incomplete without the AM/FM tuner.

Sean Zloch's picture

I listen to it in the car once in a while when I'm not listening to CDs or my iPod. I don't have a radio in the house anymore.

Israel's picture

I listen, but not on FM. All my radio listening is to stations near or far on Roku and Squeezeboxes.

Steelhead's picture

We are extremely lucky and blessed to have an independent station in Alaska. KNBA 90.3 plays wonderful and woefully under exposed new and independent artists. I can stay broke trying to keep up. There is a ton of great new music, if you are lucky enough to find a station like KNBA. Makes me want to grab a Marantz 10b or classic Mac or Fisher tuner.

tzed's picture

I just bought a Rotel AM/FM tuner on eBay so I'd better listen more to get my $80 worth!

indy's picture

Only while driving.

Robert Lang's picture

Content, convenience, and above-average sonics with a high quality source.