DALI Ikon 6 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: VPI TNT IV turntable, Immedia RPM tonearm, Koetsu Urushi cartridge; Rega Planar 3 turntable, Syrinx PU-3 tonearm, Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood, Aurum Beta S cartridges.
Digital Sources: Lector CDP-7T, California Audio Labs Icon Mk.II Power Boss, Creek CD53 Mk.II CD players; Pioneer DV-333 DVD player.
Preamplification: Vendetta Research SCP-2D phono stage, Audio Valve Eklipse line stage.
Power Amplifier: Audio Research VT100 Mk.II.
Integrated Amplifier: Creek 5350SE.
Loudspeakers: Nola Mini, Amphion Helium2, Monitor Audio Silver RS6.
Cables: Interconnect: MIT MI-350 CVTwin Terminator, MI-330SG, Terminator. Speaker: Acarian Systems Black Orpheus.
Accessories: Various by ASC, Bright Star, Celestion, Echo Busters, Salamander Designs, Simply Physics, Sound Anchor, VPI.—Robert J. Reina

DALI Loudspeakers
US distributor: DALI USA
3957 Irongate Road
Bellingham, WA 98226
(360) 733-4446

MiLKMAN's picture

I auditioned Dali Ikon 6 mk2 at colleague's home. They were spacious, airy, detailed and bass rich. But highs were bright and overall sound synthetic. You described Ikon 6s as natural. Can it be difference in generations, mk1 vs. mk2 or is it equipment? Equipment was Onkyo's A-9755 and DX-7555, QED Performance Audio 2 and Chord Crimson Plus (we tried both), Naim NAC A5 and Dali Ikon 6 mk2. Can cable replacement fix synthetic and bright sound? I am asking this, because I have same amplifier and speaker cables and I want to replace my old Audes's from stone age to something new and better, mostly better.

claudiua's picture

I have ikon6 at home, also listened to ikon6 mk2. The ikon series are brilliant speakers, excepcially for jazz, classical. I find them a bit to revealing for rock & commercial music. 

I listened to mk2 with Cambridge Audio & Nad amps. They are extremely bright speakers so with the cambridge they sounded as you describe "synthetic" (even with mp3). With nad they sounded incredible. 

Don't think different cables will help that much. You have to pair them with the right amp. They sound really nice with worm amps like Archam or Nad.  

My current setup: nad375 dac, audioquest type 4 cables and ikon 6.