Crown Macro Reference power amplifier Lewis Lipnick's System

Sidebar 1: Lewis Lipnick's System

I received three Macro Reference amplifiers: one Studio and two Esoterics (for dual-mono application). Since I could detect no sonic difference between the Studio and Esoteric, I decided to stick with the latter, principally because it had four binding posts per channel; this made connecting my quad-wired B&W 800 speakers much easier. The rest of the system consisted of a Yamaha Pro DAT, Theta Data Generation II CD transport, Theta DS Pro Gen.III D/A processor, Krell PSB-32X D/A processor, Mark Levinson No.26S, Audio Research LS2B, and Krell KRC line-stage preamplifiers, Cello Audio Palette equalizer/line-stage, and Krell mono LF equalizers (for the B&W 800s). Acrotec, Monster, Cello, and AudioQuest interconnects were used during the six months it took to complete the review, plus AudioQuest speaker cables. A Krell KSA-250 (which was recently updated by the manufacturer and has been my reference since I sold my Mark Levinson No.23.5), an Audio Research D-400, and a pair of Boulder 500AE monoblock power amplifiers were regularly substituted for the Macro Reference for purposes of comparison.

Crown says that, in the dual-mono configuration, the parallel-mono mode should be used with speakers with less than 4 ohms and the bridged-mono mode with loads of 4 ohms or greater. I tried both, and found that the parallel-mono sounded marginally better with the B&W 800s, which present the amplifier with a nominal impedance of just over 4 ohms.—Lewis Lipnick

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First, Sam and Lars found the Amp an excellent and powerful audio value and later the bassoon player says that "there's no music in it"? Ha! What a bunch of bullshit! I don't conceive how's that possible, but of course; this amp's price is not $30,000. That's why...At the end it all depends on your system, acoustics, ancillary equipment and your prejudices. No "high flying" audiophile would find a Crown worthy of anything,so, why bother? Ha,ha,ha!