Coincident Speaker Technology

Finally, after encountering Israel Blume and his wife in the gym at several shows, I got a change to hear the Coincident speakers and electronics that have garnered so much praise in multiple publications. Although I may not have heard the system at its best—a discussion with Israel during a serious morning workout revealed that his tube sound was fluctuating from clear to soft, depending upon where the Hilton’s voltage was at any particular moment—I found the sound a bit warm and opaque, but remarkably extended on the low end.

“Coincident’s sound is light years ahead of the sound of a lot of the lower-priced components I’ve heard,” I wrote in my notes. I only wish I could have returned to the room when the electricity was allowing the equipment to perform at its peak.

Doing the honors were the Coincident Speaker Technology Statement line stage preamp ($5499), Dragon Mk.II 211PP monoblock amplifiers ($10,999/pair), Frankenstein M300B monoblock amplifiers, and Pure Reference Extreme speakers ($26,800/pair). Also on hand was an Esoteric K01 CD/SACD player ($21,000). Note that Coincident’s Pure Reference Extreme loudspeakers have a claimed 94dB sensitivity, and a frequency range of 20Hz–35kHz.

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Jason, You simply must at some point hear this kit at a  time when the mains are not an issue.

I have owned two speakers from Mr. Blume the T.E's and now, as shown, the CPRE-t's. They are what everyone is saying and maybe more.

His cables have gone under the audiophile radar for far too long, a well kept secret that I think Mr. Blume and many music lovers would wish were more well known and in more homes.

On my short list, I must give the Dragons a home audition as their configuration and reviews sound amazing!

Bravo Israel!

Do I sound a bit smitten with Coincident, does it really show?

Happy Listener, Happy Listening!

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I really liked the sound in this room, maybe these folks don't get the respect they should. I rarely hear anything about Coincident. I went back to this room a few times and while I could easily hear the Esoteric player it was not as... well let me leave it as, usual sounding.

The sound was coherent and dynamic even playing d-i-g-t-a-l. Would love to hear this equipment with a proper analog source. I feel sure that people with great equipment like this can hear the difference between digits and real life. Maybe it's just the convenience of digital.