Coda Technologies at THE Show

On January 10, the third day of CES, Michael Lavorgna, Jon Iverson, Stephen Mejias and I flocked to the Flamingo, home of the T.H.E. Show. There I made a first acquaintance with Coda Technologies, a company based 90 or so minutes from me in Sacramento, California. All Coda products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the good ole USA, and come with a 10 year warranty, transferrable for 5 years.

In a large downstairs conference area whose air-walls did many systems' low ends no favors, I the new Coda 07X preamplifier ($6500) and Coda 15.0 amplifier ($10,000) used Morrow Audio cables to help produce nice highs from Legacy Audio Aeris loudspeakers ($17,750). To focus on the electronics, which were in the price range I was assigned to cover, and the cables, the 07X preamplifier, the company's latest flagship preamp, has dual balanced outputs, and a frequency response of 5Hz–200kHz, –3dB.

The 15.0 solid-state amplifier outputs 150W into 8 ohms and 300W into 4 ohms, and offers precision-bias class-A operation to 100W before sliding into class-AB operation. Finally, the Morrow Audio cables in use included SP7 speaker cables ($1499/2m pair), MA3 interconnects ($199/1m pair) and MA6 interconnects ($899/1m pair), and MAP3 power cords ($369/1m). I look forward to hearing this particular combination of products in a space that gives each of them a fighting chance to show what it can do.