GoldenEar's New Flagship

The introduction of a new speaker from GoldenEar Technology is always an event, especially so when it's a new flagship speaker. The Triton Reference is intended to "joust with the best," but still maintain the company's "Making High-End Affordable" orientation. At $8,500 per pair, in today's audiophile market, the Triton Reference can be described as affordable—and, from what I heard at this year's CES, the Triton Reference presents a serious challenge to speakers in the multi-$10k range. Sandy Gross has done it again!

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GET One R's: Are these as good as the splendid (true Hi-Fi) KEF REF-1's ($8K/pr. US$) or the REF 3's ($14K/pr.) ?

What is it with the near martyrdom status -regularly granted to all who've done nothing else but put in an inordinate amount of time in a particular industry ?