Capital Audiofest—Day Two Lunch

Back in the atrium, I set myself up with a Newkie Brown and a surprisingly good bowl of gumbo and sat back to listen to the set from Janel Leppin and Anthony Pirog, on electrified cello and electric guitar. Anthony, of course, has the 21st Century guitarist's usual battery of delay pedals, loop units, fuzz boxes, swell pedals, of course but so did Janel! She alternated long, lyrical melodic lines with strummed and pizzicato accompaniments, the two players creating ambient soundscapes reminiscent of what Robert Fripp was doing 20 years ago but with the cello adding a more human element. After the set, I picked up a copy of their album Where is Home? (CD or LP, Cuneiform Records), but the recorded sound, while conventionally good, is a shadow of what the duo create live.

Lunch over, it was back to the Show. My plan was to spend Saturday afternoon on the Crowne Plaza's second and third floors.

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I was listening to Andy Summers and Robert Fripp while reading that post. The last time I listened to that album was about 18 years ago..

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....... I really would have loved to her that cello through those pedals.

the lime green pedal looks like a T-Rex tube driver. ;-)