Camelot Technology Uther v2.0 D/A processor Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

Description: D/A converter with eight inputs: two I2S, two S/PDIF coax, two AES/EBU, one TosLink, and one AT&T glass. PMD-100 digital filter with HDCD capability. Dual-differential Burr-Brown PCM-63 DAC chips. Eight user-accessible dither modes. Analog-domain volume/balance controls. Full-function IR remote control. Remote power supply.
Dimensions: 16" W by 4.5" H by 11½" D. Weight: 14 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 099466.
Price: $2995 (1998); no longer availabe (2011). Approximate number of dealers: 50.
Manufacturer: Camelot Technology, 30 Snowflake Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-1518. Tel: (215) 357-8356. Fax: (215) 357-7859.

Camelot Technology
30 Snowflake Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-1518
(215) 357-8356