Cable Booty from Synergistic Research

Ted Denney's Synergistic Research has enlarged its already large line with its new entry-level Core Series ($245 to under $1000). "Distilling Synergistic technology to its essence" is how Denney describes the complete line, including computer audio and digital cables. The new Transporter Ultra ($1995) and Transporter Ultra SE ($2295) is a single unit that replaces all the individual wall warts used on various Synergistic products. There is also the Core Ethernet Active ($345/1m) and Core Ethernet Active SE for Synergistic Research's digital power tools, and new Element Series power cords composed of copper, tungsten and silver. I'm not certain, but I believe this cord is shown draped over one of the company's fabulous Tranquility Bases. (I have one of these bases under my DAC, and I love what it does.)

In a brief demo, Denney began to play a piano recording, and then changed the tuning bullets on some of his cables. (If you think that cables shouldn't be used as tone controls, by all means stop reading now!) As two of the bullets changed from gray to silver, the top of the piano gained more and more life, until it sounded uncannily like the instrument.