Burmester Phono Preamplifier 100

On display in the Burmester room at SSI was the new Phono Preamplifier 100 ($16,995–$22,995), which, with its polished mirror finish, was almost unphotographable. The 100 features two inputs for MM or MC cartridges, and offers a wide range of gain and impedance settings. An optional onboard A/D converter allows owners to digitize their LPs and a unique auto-balance feature equalizes the two channels, to compensate for imbalanced cartridges.

Burmester Canada was sharing a room with downloadable audio magazine ToneAudio, which raised some eyebrows.

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While I'd love to be hired to travel to shows in order to capture basic images such as this for Stereophile, in the end it would of course be far more practical for you to employ a recipe such as this:

1) Acquire a camera with a reasonably fast lens and that also doesn't embarrass itself at high ISO speeds. Doesn't have to be a DSLR, but it won't be a typical point-and-shoot either.

2) Hire me anyway-heh.

3) There is no step three.