Joseph Audio Conquers Room Acoustics

I knew which was Joseph Audio's room without consulting the Show Guide—the sound of Louis Armstrong singing "St. James Infirmary," which has long been one of Jeff Joseph's dem staples, was audible along the corridor. Jeff's system featured the [Perspective] loudspeakers ($11,800/pair), powered by a Simaudio Moon 600i integrated amplifier with a Moon 650D player being fed USB data from Jeff's MacBook Pro. Wiring was all Cardas.

A show veteran, Jeff had set up his speakers along the room's diagonal. Although this restricted the number of seated listeners, it went a long way to eliminating the upper-bass boom that was otherwise ubiquitous at SSI. And listening to the Jean Guillou transcription for organ of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibiution, it was apaprent that though the [Perspective] is modestly sized, it delivers excellent bass weight and extension.

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Thanks for including our room in your report of the Montreal Salon Son & Image. However, the speakers you found to have "excellent bass weight and extension" were the forthcoming Perspective models, coming this June at $11,800 per pair. The Pulsars were at SSI as well, having been pressed into service at the last minute in the Nordost demo system.

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Sorry for the error, I've corrected the text and I will check the story on the Nordost room to make sure I got that right also.
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I shall now return to my previously scheduled conquering.