Bam Bam Bamboo

With Bam Bam and Pebbles as product names, I thought I was merely stating the obvious in a previous show report when I suggested that the designer of Tri-Art Audio products must be a Flintstones fan. I mentioned this to the Tri-Art people at SSI 2014, asking whether they were paying royalties for using these names, and was told that they never thought of any connection with the Flintstones: Bam Bam is a reference to the use of bamboo in their products. (I still don't know how "Pebbles" comes into it.)

In any case, the extensive use of bamboo in the Tri-Art products--including turntables, arms, preamps, power amps, and various component supports--certainly makes for a distinctive look, and has an appealingly "natural" feel.